10% Giveback Program

To our loving community in Central Texas,

When we started Hope Realty Texas we knew we wanted to do something… Different.

We wanted a business that we could use to give back to our community who has done so much for us and our family.

My name is Dena Dupuie, and I’m Scott Dupuie, and we started Hope Realty Texas. We chose the word “hope” and put it front and center as our business name because we believe in our mission. We believe that hope can change a life, and we want to give that hope to others… in everything we do.

We work hard on our business so that we can give back to our community who has given so much to us, so…

We’ve created a Giveback Program, where we give 10% of our commissions to the charity of your choice whenever you buy or sell your home with Hope Realty Texas.

Why are we doing this?

Well, we’ve been through a lot of hard times in our lives… from battling breast cancer to fostering special needs children with physical and emotional injuries. Our adopted daughter, Brianna, suffered a traumatic brain injury. My husband and I can personally attest to the power and hope found in charities across the city. We just want to do our part to give back.

Dupuie Family Large Photo Book

So, if you or someone you know has been positively affected by a charity, you want to help give back, and you’re planning to move soon, please reach out to us.

We believe that a home is one of the most personal, and life affecting choices you can make.

We want to partner with you, not only buying or selling your home, but even more, we want to partner with you to bring more hope to Central Texas and the world around us.

Thank you so much for all you do for our community,

Dena & Scott Dupuie