Move-Up Program

What is it?

The Hope Realty Texas Move-Up Program is designed to save you real estate commission fees when you list your current home and purchase a new home with us.

How Does it Work?

That depends on which property closes first. If your current home closes first, you will pay the full agreed professional service fee upon the closing of the sale. Then, at the closing of the replacement property, we will rebate part of the commission we earned on the sale of your existing home to you. The rebate will be in the form of a business check issued from our broker, Stanberry & Associates, and will be delivered to you after closing and funding.

If the replacement property closes first, the process is even more straightforward. You pay no commission on the purchase of the new property (that is the seller’s responsibility). When your current home closes, you simply pay a reduced commission. Either way, you save thousands of dollars!

What Are The Benefits?

Save Money – You can take the thousands you are saving and pocket the cash or or use it to make your current home more attractive to buyers for a fast sale.

Save Time – With Hope Realty Texas handling both transactions, you’ll have one convenient source for all information regarding your sale and purchase. There’s never a doubt who you need to call.

Save Headaches – With Hope Realty Texas handling both transactions, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any mistakes or mishaps in coordinating multiple real estate closings.

Do I Give Up Anything?

Absolutely Not! You’ll get the same great service, advice, marketing, negotiating and closing expertise you expect from Hope Realty Texas.

How Do I Qualify?

Hope Realty Texas must be the agent for both your current home (sale) and the replacement home (purchase). Also, the two transactions must close within 180 days of each other. That’s it!

Looking to Sell Your House?

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